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Signor Rossi

on sale from November 2008

Mr Rossi. A cartoon life

He began his career with an Oscar, and then dedicated himself to doing what ordinary people do: dreaming, going on holiday, searching for happiness. Mr Rossi, the best-known Mr Ordinary in the word, was brought to life by Bruno Bozzetto's hand in the 1960s and subsequently became a part of everyone's lives, along with his little footsteps and inseparable hat.
Barn, in collaboration with Multimedia San Paolo, presents “MR.ROSSI. A CARTOON LIFE”, a complete anthology of Mr Rossi's tragicomic adventures comprised of three feature films and seven shorts. The collection includes drawings, sketches, set designs and interviews with the authors. In all, 4 DVDs and a biographical poster/booklet that is not just a tribute to a cartoonist with a worldwide following, but also to one of the few characters that has been able to go beyond his two-dimensional boundaries to become the living symbol of an ordinary life. And not just on paper.

Distribution: 20th Century Fox – Multimedia San Paolo 2008


Barn worked on this ambitious project alongside Multimedia San Paolo to restore and edit the classic feature films and shorts of Bruno Bozzetto, undisputed Italian cartoon master. The collection is presented in a 4-DVD box set. Bozzetto's characters – sometimes fragile or cheeky, funny or sentimental, - have left their mark in the collective memory of an entire generation. This collection brings them to life once more for all to enjoy. The films have been digitally restored using the latest technology, erasing the patina of time and allowing the original colours to shine through. The DVD extra features that accompany each film contain interviews with Bruno Bozzetto and the artists and technicians who worked with him, as well as original promos, storyboards and animation cells later used to make the work. A booklet of Bruno Bozzetto’s biographical notes is included with the fourth DVD.

Specifications, images and trailers from THE COMPLETE BOZZETTO (or nearly)

All the ingredients are there: the good guy, the blonde and the bad guy or, rather, the really bad guy, as well as the essential flurry of shootouts, duels, and chases. In short, a witty and amusing summary of all the clichés of the Western genre. What sets it apart, though, is the irony that permeates each frame, tarnishing the feel-good surface and toning down the inevitable happy ending.

VIP – My Brother Superman
A satire of modern society that is as topical as ever, or perhaps just a funny tale for children - depending on your age, mood or liking. Recounting the adventures of the last in a line of Supermen, the film pokes fun at the processes that lie behind advertising, politics and our consumer society.

Six pieces of classical music transformed into animated cartoons, proving that the imagination has no limits. “Disney had already come up with the idea” is the line in the film that alludes with irony to the comparison being drawn. But the parallel ends here, because Bozzetto's creations grow and multiply until they overflow from the screen, in a crescendo of freshness and originality that even throws the conductor, who himself becomes a cartoon character, off balance. The ending? All will be revealed in the attic!

Bruno Bozzetto's shorts
Quick-moving, corrosive, illuminating: these are the short films of Bruno Bozzetto, which represent the most concise and direct expression of his art. Whether they are animations or use real actors, are made using traditional techniques or on a computer, they succeed in their intent to transmit maximum meaning in the shortest space of time. The anthology brings together eleven works, including Mister Tao (winner of the Gold Bear at the Berlin Festival in 1990) and Cavallette (Oscar nomination in 1991).

Distribution: 20th Century Fox – Multimedia San Paolo 2005

In the Italian edition of the 4 DVD Box, option for menu and subtitles in English language is available for all films.

For publishers who are interested in the distribution of  above mentioned products out of the Italian territory,
 menu, subtitles and packaging project  in other languages can be realized on request.

West&Soda   Allegro non troppo   West&Soda

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West and Soda

Vip, mio fratello Superuomo

Allegro non troppo

Bruno Bozzetto's shorts

More info about Bruno Bozzetto: www.bozzetto.com